Our Goals

Our goals are simple:

  • Give little girls early exposure to STEM fields in a fun and purposeful way.
  • Be the bridge for little girls to build relationships with one another in these fields.
  • Teach little girls the skills that they will use throughout their lives in any career they choose.
  • Show girls that women work in these fields and that they can too some day.
  • Share the power that comes with learning science, technology, engineering, and math.

How We Do It

Our curriculum is developed in partnership with Christina Williamson, an engineer-turned-teacher. You can read more about her here.

We start with the question: what skills can we teach our girls TODAY to better prepare them for TOMORROW?
These skills are what make us powerful. In other words, these skills are: super powers!

The session revolves around a 'Maker Girl', one of our super heroes, and she guides each session with the help of our teacher. ;) Participants are given a project book to record her scientific findings. At the end of each class, the girl is awarded with a super power, in the form of a sticker, for the skill she has achieved. 


Each session covers 8 weeks or 16 weeks of fun and purposeful classes. The lessons are an extension of what the girls learn in school, but is in no way a repetition or replacement. Time is given to discuss women in various STEM fields, either by examples of pioneers in the field, current day experts, or what the 'day in the life' of a woman in STEM looks like. 

You can download an overview of our Rocket Session with Rocket Girl here.